Grease pencil draw transform

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Blender add-on to tweak grease pencil strokes directly in draw mode.

Use case demo by Daniel Martinez Lara on this link :

Update 1.0 added draw Smooth

Press Shift + S to Resample and Smooth closest stroke from cursor (continuously for auto-repeat). Useful for extending/resculpting stroke.

Resample and Smooth actions can be toggled and customized under the shortcut in addon preferences.

It's possible to add another shortcut with different settings directly in the keymap.
Under category Grease Pencil Stroke Paint Mode with operator name gp.draw_smooth)

Update 0.9 added draw Slide

Pressing W + click drag to change the length of the stroke.

Update 0.8 added stroke delete

Directly pressing X delete the closest stroke from cursor, useful for quick cleaning:

Use letter-keys like modifiers combined with left-click on a stroke to trigger transform:

G : Grab          R : Rotate

S : Scale         E : Pinch

Note: the 3D pencil and letters display have nothing to do with the add-on, there are only in the video/gifs to better show where the cursor is.


Once the transformation has started you can release the modifier key, transform keep going while click/pen is pressed

Pressing Esc during the transformations will cancel back to original position.

Those keybinding can be customized or disabled in add-on preferences.

At the end of the transform, stroke reproject itself on the canvas.
Check that you have wanted canvas draw-settings.

Pinch Tool:
While active, you can press 1 and 2 number keys to reduce/augment influence radius size.

Radius default value, influence display, presets and behavior can be tweaked in addon preferences.

Influence propagate along the line, so only the part you pinch is affected:

Pinch influence propagation

Pinch influence falloff is different when triggered in inner part of the line or close to line tip for easier stroke placement:

Inline falloff VS Tip falloff

4 transforms:


Does not work on multiple drawing depth in the same object, as it uses drawing plane position and orientation to determine which stroke to pick and where to reproject.

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Shortcuts to transform a grease pencil stroke without switching to edit mode


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Grease pencil draw transform

22 ratings
I want this!