Quick render - Blender addon

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I want this!

Quick render - Blender addon

15 ratings

The goal is simple : Be able to export view snapshots in 3D view and iterate quickly.

Press a button, and it's exported

Options detail

Save folder : If not specified, create a 'quick_render' directory aside blend location and export inside

Filename : If not specified, use a placeholder name like 'view_01' (placeholder can be customized in addon prefs).

Use Blend Name : Disable the Filename field and use current blend's name

Image will never be overwritten, always save while auto incrementing name.

Examples with name : beloved-cube

You can use padding number like "beloved-cube_###" (3 digits), if not specified, automatic padding is 2 digits

Insert Date : beloved-cube_2020-02-11_20-35-46 (date format can be customized in addon prefs)

Insert Frame: beloved-cube_f0250

Both above activated : beloved-cube_2020-02-11_20-35-46_f0250 (full date + frame)

The button "render view" creates a camera at current view before render to perform a "real" render.

Now let's take some snapshots !

Samuel Bernou

I want this!

A super quick snapshot view exporter

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